3 Tray Seed Sprouter / Sprout Maker BPA Free Plastic

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  • £22.00

Seed Sprout Maker / Sprouter by BuyElegant. Hygenic, Shatter Resistant, Semi Transparent, Food Grade Plastic, BPA Free. 

BuyElegant Sprouter is a 3 layer plastic box to sprout the grains. The product itself is made with BPA free food grade plastic body perfectly hygenic.

Product adapts traditional water dripping mechanism to grow sprouts. 

Sprout Maker adapts water dripping method through syphon button from top tray to one at bottom slowly create enough humidity for beans to grow in to sprout. This Sprout Maker does not require any additional electricity or power to grow sprout from the seeds and pulses. 

 Product Use

  • General Everday Use
  • Sprout beans, pulses or any other grains, radish, pea, chick pea, mung beans, alfalfa, fenugreek, sunflower, lentil


  • BPA Free Plastic Material
  • 100% Virgin plastic

Dimensions and Weight

  • Diameter : 20 cms
  • Weight : 380 gms

How to Use the product for ideal results

  • Please Ensure product is fully washed and clean before use
  • Pre-soaked seeds what you wish to germinate or sprout in clean water for at least 4 hours.
  • Place the different seeds in different bowls. 
  • Pour enough water in the uppermost bowl to fully cover the syphon Cap (Minimum 1/2 litre water).
  • After making it ready please check after few hours once if the water is dripping in lower tray just to ensure its working if you see no drops in the try below just turn around the tray and button and it should work.
  • After few hours you will see the water from the top bowl should have dripped to lower bowls. If you want the seeds to sprout more fill the top bown with more water. 

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